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RX Girls Miami – 10.01.12

1 Oct

I’m Back!

Hey everyone, I had my baby and I’m finally getting to a point where I’m getting my schedule back on track. The end of my pregnancy was rough, cause even though I wasn’t working anymore I just was SO tired. All I wanted to do was relax before the baby came! I’m glad I got an opportunity to do that because man, this little guy wakes me up a lot! Here he is:  (he already has a hook grip!)


Anyway, so I figured I would make my first post about getting back on track. Something I’m sure lots of you have had to deal with, be it because of school, laziness, a baby, whatever… Not only is it difficult to get back into training, but the diet is hard to get back on track with too! Here are some things I have found to help me during these last couple weeks:

  1. Take it slow. Doing too much too soon can actually set you back rather than move you forward. No matter what you were doing before, realize that after some time you will not be doing that anymore. You will have to start over and that’s OK.
  2. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If something feels hard, you miss a few days cause you’re sore, you slip on your diet more than you would like, that’s fine. Be proud that you are taking steps to get it right again.
  3. STRETCH! You will be sore as shit.
  4. Set small goals, just like you did in the beginning. Small, short term goals are obviously easier to attain than long term ones, AND they help to boost your confidence.
  5. Make yourself accountable by telling other people about what you are doing. If nobody knows your goals, nobody will know when you slip and nobody will be able to encourage you to keep going.

SO, on that note here are my goals for my post baby fitness:

  • Do 4 workouts a week (at least), including at least one day focusing on strength. I will set new maxes and goals for my dead lift, press, and squat, hoping to be almost back to my old numbers by mid-November.
  • I will eat clean at every meal, eliminating refined added sugars and gluten (no starbucks lattes, no coffee cake, no sweet potato fries, no cheats during the week AT ALL!)
  • I will allow myself ONE cheat meal on weekends only, and dark chocolate on weekends ONLY! (this is big for me cause I love dark chocolate and raspberries almost every night lately)
  • I will eat more veggies and less fruit.
  • Update RX Girls Blog at least twice a month!

Good luck to me and good luck to you guys who are in the same boat! Thanks for all of you that have kept reading  🙂


Rx Girls Miami – 04.27.11

27 Apr

Messages about You and Your Body

Healthy bodies come in all different shapes and sizes

I was listening to a talk radio show this morning where the discussion was about mother’s effect on their children’s body image and development of eating disorders… this got me thinking. What are some of the ways in which parents can influence our thoughts and feelings about ourselves? I remember when I was younger my dad used to ALWAYS pinch the sides on my waist and tell me I was getting chubby. Those of you who know me might find that hard to believe, and so did I being that I’ve pretty much been skinny my entire life. See even that, I wrote “pretty much” and was about to delete it but the reality is I have always been thin. So anyway, regardless if I didn’t believe him or not I somehow developed somewhat of an eating disorder years later. I was always really concerned about how I looked and never wanted to gain weight while not doing much about how I ate or how active I was. I’m not saying it’s his fault or anything, but I would be pretty ignorant to say that it had absolutely nothing to do with how I felt about my body. Luckily nowdays I would never think about resorting to unhealthy ways of losing weight. I work hard today in my sport and as a result, my body transformed to what I always wanted it to be…. the best part is it came without the added stress or shame and got replaced by confidence and energy.

How many of you can relate to that? Some comments people make just stick with us, whether they were meant to be helpful or not. For example, this girl on the show was talking about how she still remembers after losing some weight being approached by a friend who told her she looked “spectacular”. Even though this was supposed to be a compliment, it made her feel like when she was heavier she was just “average”, and she hated being average, she wanted to look spectacular all the time! So what kind of messages do we send to ourselves and others when we think about ideal bodies and even when helping people to lose weight in the gym? I try my best not to talk about pounds on the scale but I never realized how simply telling someone they look great because they’ve lost weight can be somewhat negative. So how do we change this?

First, if you have kids it’s really important to watch what you say and how you act around them. Avoiding talking about your own negative thoughts about your body in front of them and be a positive role model. Focus on healthy food and staying active and that will promote positive behaviors and feelings in your children.  Next, I think with training the focus needs to be completely different. We focus on health here and to be honest, some people are at a very unhealthy weight. We want them to be in a healthy range, so we take body fat measurements and encourage nutritional changes rather than dieting. We talk about how nutrition relates to performance, health and well-being rather than getting you thin. It’s hard sometimes, because a lot of people come in here with a “goal weight”… a number in mind that doesn’t even make sense sometimes! You need to change your perspective…

CrossFit Beauty in Strength

The best way to do this I think is to separate from people who make you feel bad about yourself and your body. Whether it’s a boyfriend, friend or family member, speak up and defend your efforts to be healthy. Tell people to stop focusing on you and how you look and start supporting how you feel and how healthy you are. If you are in a relationship with someone who puts you down, ditch them! You don’t need that. Surround yourself with good people and you will start to feel good. CrossFit is a great community. It’s not like the gym where you go in and wait in line for a machine after some person you don’t even know. You make connections and friendships here that will support you in your efforts to become a better, stronger, healthier person.

So next time you start feeling down about how you look, take a minute to think about where these feelings are coming from and who in your life might be contributing to these negative feelings. Then get your head right and speak up! You deserve to feel good about yourself!

Rx Girls Miami – 01.03.11

3 Jan

Click to read: Warped Beauty Standards and Embracing the Buff

This is a GREAT post from our friends over at CrossFit South Bay in California. I realized it’s been a while since I wrote about women in the CrossFit community and I need to start researching about this year’s upcoming Games competitors. We have some amazingly strong and awesomely athletic women to look up to in this community, and they deserve a shout out. More on that in the weeks to come…

Rx Girls Miami – 12.07.10

7 Dec

Knowledge is Power

best cf women pic ever - from Orange Coast CrossFit

Hello Hello! I know it’s been a while… I try my best to keep up once a week but with all I have going on, it gets tough sometimes. I promise that I will update more after mid-December when I finish my internship and have more time! I was in Ramona, California this weekend for the CrossFit Kids cert and it was awesome! While on the plane, I had some time to sit down and start reading The Paleo Solution. Great so far, and there are some awesome inspiring stories throughout. One of them got me thinking about my journey transitioning from typical eating/working out/living to what I do now. All of this was so new to me, so different and so not what I wanted to do at first. This woman went through the same… unhappy with herself, 2 kids, feeling blah about life and wanted something new…

Most people don’t want to work hard. If you are reading this blog and you eat clean (and the real definition of clean, not the general public’s definition) and do CrossFit, you are different than most people. You have to get used to that. Basically anything you talk about that involves Paleo or lifting heavy weight or liking the muscles you have and calluses on your hands is gonna get you some weird looks. Most people I talk to (outside of my gym) think I’m crazy. Luckily I found an awesome group of people who love the same things I do; workouts that challenge my limits, having a hard muscly body, and feeling awesome and energetic most days of the week. I don’t care about partying, I don’t care about eating cupcakes and cream puffs, and I really don’t care about doing a workout that makes it easy for me to get “fit” in 5 min (which doesn’t exist by the way)… unless you’re doing something like Fran.

If you are new to all of this, you might be wondering how you can take your training to the next level. Well… I’m not a nutritionist or a doctor or anything but I can tell you what has worked for me and tons of other women, and I have the stories and photos to prove it (if you’re interested, just ask me). That to me is better than any infomercial, advice from a dietitian (unless they’re a crossfitting dietitian and know what’s up), or doctor. Seriously…

1. Forget everything you have ever been told. This is different and that’s why it works and is getting so much attention now. So basically, you won’t get big cause you lift weight, it’s good to squat, whole wheat isn’t good for you, and machines are retarded and cause injuries cause they work your muscles in unnatural ways.

2. Challenge yourself! Every day should be a new day to hit a record, so do something new and leave feeling good about yourself. Go 10lbs heavier, use the taller box, hit a higher target, etc…

3. Sorry vegetarians and vegans, but eat some meat and fat! It’s good for you, I promise. If you are afraid of all the hormones and chemicals (and you’re not alone) or horrible ways these animals live or die, go grass fed, organic, cage free, and local! Yes I know it’s more expensive, but so are the doctor bills and the medications you’re on… and you can get off of those if you do things the right way with diet and exercise (another thing I have seen with my own eyes happen to our members).  Protein from soy, beans, nuts, etc. will “get you by”, but real protein (from real food like fish, meat, chicken, etc…) will make you thrive… and that’s what we want. I have heard stories of vegetarian or vegan girls who can not get pull ups for the life of them, and then start reintroducing meat back into their diet (after lots of convincing) and BAM! They got stronger… weird? Nope.

4. This is a sport and you are now an athlete. You’re gonna get bruised and scuffed up sometimes, so what. Participate in local events and join the fun! Whether you are cheering someone on or competing in the event, this is what the CrossFit community is all about. Get in on it!!

5. Try to do things this way for 30 days. That’s it, 1 month… what do you have to lose? The benefits that will come from this will be much much more than that.

till next time…

Rx Girls Miami 10.30.10

30 Oct

Happy Halloween!!! I hope everyone stays safe and has fun with whatever they do this year…I was planning on being a deviled egg, a costume I made for my husband last year that was so good I wanted to be that this year. It was too expensive for me to get everything though, so I settled on cavewoman… or rx paleo girl? That was cheesy. But yea, we’re having a Halloween Party at CrossFit Soul tonight at 7pm if anyone wants to come! I will be working out in costume and then partying after!

Anyway, I read this blog post today that was supposed to be inspiring to other women about CrossFit and how it changes you. One of the things that stuck out to me in this post was this girls confidence. Confidence is something MAJOR that comes with doing things you never thought you could do. It happens here all the time, whether its a pull up or a run or a weightlifting movement. That’s what is so cool about CrossFit, it takes normal people and turns them into confident athletes.

Your perception is another thing that changes. You can be nowhere near the gym and have to face something challenging and you will see it in a whole new light. That “challenge” instead of being something scary is now something fun to overcome. Your heath improves too, which makes illness and pain and all that start to go away. It’s amazing how many people I’ve known and heard of that go from being on meds they think they will have to take for life, to being on NOTHING thanks to CrossFit and healthy eating.

Body image and self-esteem is the last part. Yes, you likely will have to buy new clothes because you will start to get lean in places you always wanted to, and muscle will start to develop. BIG DEAL! That doesn’t mean though that you will not be able to fit into anything because you have muscles and the majority of “regular” womens clothes isn’t made for that. This belief is what keeps a lot of women away from CrossFit because of the fear of getting bulky and manly. It couldn’t be more untrue!!!  Come meet me or Coach Jessica… you’ll see.  The weightlifting we do here is in combination with a ton of other things, so you get strong while you get lean. The cardio endurance benefits are just as huge as the strength benefits…. not to mention the flexibility, posture, emotional well-being, energy, and ability to pretty much do any sport without a problem, because that’s how we train.

CrossFit is such an amazing program and it works for everyone… whether you are young or old, out of shape, lifelong athlete, yogi or gym rat. Yes we have our top athletes that love to compete and be bad asses, but in my opinion, doing something you’ve never done before or something that most of America doesn’t really care to dedicate time to…that’s pretty bad-ass too. I do CrossFit because I love how it makes me feel, I love how my body has changed, and I love working with people and helping them to improve their lives. The competing is great too (although not in public for me). So I wanna know… in what ways have you been changed because of CrossFit and what are your favorite aspects of this program?


Be Safe tonight!

Rx Girls Miami 10.22.10

22 Oct

We have a whole new group of women starting at CrossFit Soul and I couldn’t be more happy about it! I love to see women learn about how to do handstand push ups and oly lifts and swing kettlebells around. I love the smiles on their faces when they pull themselves up over the bar the first time or when they switch to a thinner band and get closer to an unassisted pull up! I think that has to be my favorite.

This work schedule has been really rough for me. It’s hard to dedicate so much time to so many different things and still stay stress-free and full of energy. I really feel grateful to have such an awesome job that gives me energy and motivation though… It happens almost every day: I’ll come in super tired at 6AM and meet with my early bird crew. Even though I couldn’t imagine working out at that ungodly hour, they KILL IT! They put so much into learning the movements and keeping their intensity up at the same time, I love it. Then comes my 8AM who are just awesome… they have been here a little longer and just amaze me sometimes with how far they have come. All this builds on my mental strength so come time for me to workout before I go to my night job I can get through it, usually by myself, and not let myself give up or slack.

This is what happens here in the CrossFit community. You feed off other people’s energy and you start to build on your strength… mind and body. Seriously. For some of you who are new it’s gonna be hard… but you’ve heard it before “nothing that is worth it is ever easy”. And this is SO worth it!

The one thing I can suggest to those of you who are new is to get your nutrition on track. That is SO important. Nutrition is the foundation of your heath and fitness. It’s what’s gonna make you feel better faster and get stronger, it’s gonna get you those results you want quicker, and it’s gonna be the reason you realize that this program is not a short term quick fix weight loss thing. I HATE hearing that… someone told me yesterday that they overheard a personal trainer at another gym talking crap about how CrossFit is not for people new to fitness and how it’s a “weight loss fad”. REALLY?! That guy obviously knows nothing about anything….

You belong here, wherever you are at in your fitness and health. The best part about it is that you are not alone here, this community will carry you through and help you continue reaching your goals for as long as you want… hopefully for life  🙂

Rx Girls Miami – 10.14.10

14 Oct

Busy week! I started up classes again this week and in the middle of continuing to work on getting CrossFit Soul up and running, I have little to NO time to do anything else! So, I apologize for my lack of updates…

You know, my mom is always calling me about these fitness shows that she sees on T.V. I’m guilty of watching them: “Too Fat for 15”, “The Biggest Loser” and whatever other shows come up that have to do with weight loss and working out. One of the shows my mom mentioned not too long ago was this Jillian Michaels chick… Well – I recently saw a pretty amusing article about the so-called fitness expert who has a bajillion bull crap DVD’s out and “inspires” people by what I’m assuming is the hundreds of thousands… maybe more.

The LA Times recently came out with an article exposing Jillian for what she really is, a fraud.

“Typical viewers think she’s great, yet the collective jaws of professional trainers hit the floor after witnessing her regular displays of poor technique and unsafe training practices.

Michaels obtained some introductory fitness certifications (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Assn. and Aerobics and Fitness Assn. of America) 17 years ago and does not seem to ever have recertified. The biography on her website goes on and on about her multimedia endeavors, but there is not a single mention of any health-and-fitness education or credentials.

And now, seemingly without any qualifications, Michaels is teaching amateurs how to use kettle bells in her latest DVD, “Shred-It With Weights.” Her toned, tanned and possibly Photoshopped physique stands proudly on the cover holding a kettle bell, while a bubble on the cover exclaims, “Lose up to 5 pounds a week!”

How about this, stop wasting your time and money with crappy quick-fix DVD’s and fitness programs and start doing something REAL. Yes, I know, a lot of us don’t have time… we have families, jobs, responsibilities… but we also have to take care of ourselves. All of these things that take up so much of our time can also cause stress, lack of sleep, bad habits, etc. The CrossFit community is one that focuses on long-term health and fitness. I say health and fitness because while the two go together, they affect us in so many different ways. Improvements in our mental health and nutritional health are huge perks of joining the CrossFit community. The fitness comes with the hard work and commitment to training. None of this is easy and it definitely isn’t something you will maintain long-term by watching a DVD.

Also, look for credentials when you walk into any facility… Lots of people claim to now offer “CrossFit Training” yet they do it out of their facility that also offers “sport specific training, CrossFit Style”… uhh, WHAT?!  Anyway I’m rambling…. the point is to get out there and find someone qualified that can offer you a serious fitness program that you can enjoy and one that will get you a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Lots of people are just out there to make money off the next big thing, and you could be putting yourself at risk by trying to take the easy way out.

“What made an unqualified Jillian Michaels decide to create a kettle bell DVD? I imagine she received a call one day from her agent that went something like this:

Agent: Jillie! How’s the yelling at fat people business?

Michaels: Tiring. Almost as tiring as counting all my money.

Agent: Uh-huh. Listen, I’ve got an idea. It’s totally hot right now. Two words: “kettle bells,” baby.

Michaels: What’s a kettle bell?

Agent: Some kind of bowling ball thingy. It will be a real moneymaker!

Michaels: Money? I’m in.”

The article goes on to say that “When a person proclaims the only way to get in shape is through hard work (true), then adds her name and image to a brand of diet pills (hypocritical), then faces a class-action lawsuit over the lack of efficacy regarding said diet pills (unsurprising), coupled with myriad examples of unqualified and unsafe training along with outrageous weight loss claims, then it’s time to find a new source of fitness education and inspiration.”

Right on.