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RX Girls Miami – 10.01.12

1 Oct

I’m Back!

Hey everyone, I had my baby and I’m finally getting to a point where I’m getting my schedule back on track. The end of my pregnancy was rough, cause even though I wasn’t working anymore I just was SO tired. All I wanted to do was relax before the baby came! I’m glad I got an opportunity to do that because man, this little guy wakes me up a lot! Here he is:  (he already has a hook grip!)


Anyway, so I figured I would make my first post about getting back on track. Something I’m sure lots of you have had to deal with, be it because of school, laziness, a baby, whatever… Not only is it difficult to get back into training, but the diet is hard to get back on track with too! Here are some things I have found to help me during these last couple weeks:

  1. Take it slow. Doing too much too soon can actually set you back rather than move you forward. No matter what you were doing before, realize that after some time you will not be doing that anymore. You will have to start over and that’s OK.
  2. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If something feels hard, you miss a few days cause you’re sore, you slip on your diet more than you would like, that’s fine. Be proud that you are taking steps to get it right again.
  3. STRETCH! You will be sore as shit.
  4. Set small goals, just like you did in the beginning. Small, short term goals are obviously easier to attain than long term ones, AND they help to boost your confidence.
  5. Make yourself accountable by telling other people about what you are doing. If nobody knows your goals, nobody will know when you slip and nobody will be able to encourage you to keep going.

SO, on that note here are my goals for my post baby fitness:

  • Do 4 workouts a week (at least), including at least one day focusing on strength. I will set new maxes and goals for my dead lift, press, and squat, hoping to be almost back to my old numbers by mid-November.
  • I will eat clean at every meal, eliminating refined added sugars and gluten (no starbucks lattes, no coffee cake, no sweet potato fries, no cheats during the week AT ALL!)
  • I will allow myself ONE cheat meal on weekends only, and dark chocolate on weekends ONLY! (this is big for me cause I love dark chocolate and raspberries almost every night lately)
  • I will eat more veggies and less fruit.
  • Update RX Girls Blog at least twice a month!

Good luck to me and good luck to you guys who are in the same boat! Thanks for all of you that have kept reading  🙂


Rx Girls: Miami – 07.02.12

2 Jul

Happy 4th of July Week! Check out this photo article on Shape Magazine Online

10 Seriously Fit Chicks of CrossFit

This girl has a young ass baby and looks amazing… Hope I will look the same after my little man!

Rx Girls Miami – 06.18.12

18 Jun

Pregnancy and Core Strength

I have kind of held off posting any pregnancy stuff on here because I have my other blog for that, but this was an article I found to be pretty cool. It’s all stuff I’ve heard before and obviously believe, I mean I’ve been weightlifting and doing metcons this whole 8 months I’ve been pregnant, but maybe you all would like to see that it is in fact safe and beneficial to be strong and exercise during pregnancy!

7 months pregnant (75lbs on bar)

yesterday, 8 months pregnant

This past month has gotten a bit harder to do things like squat low or workout after a long day of coaching, but I have been listening to my body and taking it easy when I feel extra tired. By no means should you take my advice on exercise during pregnancy before talking to a DR you trust, this has just been my experience. In my experience and research, it has been awesome! I’ve continued 4 days a week of exercise… all stuff I did before. I modified movements like box jumps (smaller box or step ups), Olympic lifts (when my belly got too big to stay close to my body, I switched to dumbbell and kettlebell snatches and clean and jerks), pull ups and toes to bar (at 6.5 months I started using a band and doing strict pull ups instead of kip, leg raises instead of t2b), and running (I row instead). I feel that the extra energy has helped this to be a super uncomplicated pregnancy! I also get once a week Chiropractic adjustments and have had a few massages. The only change in my diet has been gluten free grains, which helped me with morning sickness in the beginning (although I only puked a handful of times, mostly it was just nausea).

I’ve learned a lot this year, about my body’s physical ability and my mental ability to choose what’s best for me and the baby. There were lots of times when my , mind said “oh, 115lb power cleans and heavy deadlifts? awesome!!!” but my body said otherwise. If any of you ever need some advice on any of this, feel free to email me!

Anyway, here is the link:

Birth Educator Discusses Posture and Core Strength

Rx Girls Miami – 05.30.12

30 May

A Recent “WTF” Email I Got

I had to laugh… and feel bad for this guys girlfriend, because it was just so ridiculous. I get an email asking me “at what point do you think a woman is too manly?” and “I don’t want my girlfriend to look like a man-beast cause she wants to deadlift and do muscle ups now” REALLY?! I had to reply and ask him if his email was a joke.

It really sucks that this even happens, especially to girls who have an athletic background and desire something more than the typical gym routine. Unfortunately, this guy WAS serious, and people like him cause for a lot of women to shy away from lifting heavy in fear that they will start to look manly. What the hell is manly anyway? Is this manly?:



I don’t think so… I mean, these are some of the best most competitive women in the CrossFit community! It’s a shame that so many women (and men, apparently) find this build to be unattractive or manly.

Here’s the reality: Yes, some women’s muscles can develop more than others by lifting heavy. If you have a small frame naturally, that’s not likely though. Don’t check out powerlifters online and then assume that’s what’s gonna happen to you. I mean come on, they lift hundreds of pounds, eat like crazy to maintain their training regimens, and a lot of them take steroids. If you don’t plan on doing any of that they the probability of you looking like them isn’t likely!! Embrace your natural frame, don’t be afraid to lift heavy shit, and focus on being healthy, not skinny.

What do you guys think? Have you struggled with the idea of “getting too bulky” because of what the people around you deem as “pretty” or feminine?

RX Girls Miami – 05.07.12

7 May

Overcome Being Negative!

It’s been a while… I have a lot going on and mostly I’ve been posting on my preggo blog about my workouts and stuff. Sorry for neglecting RX Girls!!

Anyway, this topic comes up a lot at the gym. Negative thoughts during difficult situations. Whether it be your workouts, your body image, or stressful events going on in your life, giving up power to something outside of your control is never a good thing. What IS a good thing is the fact that your actions and emotions are controlled by your thoughts. Learning to have more control over negative thinking, although it seems hard, really isn’t. All it takes is practice and willingness, really.

Example: “I’m too fat/weak/out of shape to do that”

If you continue to think that way you won’t get very far, obviously. SO – how about let’s start by making a list of 5 negative thoughts you have about yourself. Whatever they might be… “I hate my job” , “I wish I could ______”, “I hate my _____”, etc. Now for every one of those, write down THREE steps you can take to change those things for the better.

One trick I use with my workouts, for example, is refocusing my thoughts on something else. Running is a weakness of mine, so when I hit that wall during a workout where I feel like I need to stop because it’s burning, i’m hyperventilating, or something like that I refocus and tell myself to BREATHE. Refocusing my thought to something productive makes me forget about the stupid limiting crap.

Also, changing “I can’ts” to “I want to” is a good way to refocus thinking. If you always think you can’t do something it’s gonna be even harder to make it a reality. Instead, think of how you really would like to be able to do it, whatever “it” is, and come up with a strategy to get there. That’s how I first got my pull ups, handstand push ups, and PR on my lifting.

I’ll leave you with a few quotes:

“We cannot choose our external circumstances, but we can always choose how to respond to them.”

“Life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent how I react to it.”

“Life is as easy or as hard as you think it is.”

Stay positive people!!! … and stay tuned for a recipe next week!

Rx Girls Miami – 04.01.12

1 Apr

Stop fooling yourself! (how could I resist the lame joke?) You are capable of MUCH MORE than what you tell yourself. Almost daily I am met by someone who doesn’t think they can do something. Someone who actually believes that some movement or circumstance is going to be too much for them to handle. NOT TRUE! Not if you stop limiting yourself with negativity about your so-called weaknesses.

Strengthen your mind first. What are you good at? What makes you feel confident? Use THAT to get you through hard times…

Better yet, in life, it’s our challenges that show us who we really are. Challenges and hard times are what you learn from, so how do you handle a challenge? Do you run away or do you face it with confidence that you can get through it?

I know what I do, and I say fuck that! I break things down to be more manageable in my mind so I can feel confident going into it. I mentally prepare myself for what’s to come because I KNOW it’s not gonna be that bad… and honestly, it never is.

RX Girls Miami – 02.26.12

26 Feb

RX Star Weekend Workshop

This weekend CrossFit Soul hosted the RX Star workshop, which was awesome! If you have a chance to do one of these in the future, I would highly recommend it! Every single girl that attended either got their first pull up, handstand, or handstand push up. If you already had those things, you learned skills to perform those movements more efficiently. On top of that, the goal workshop was a great way to learn about focusing on strengths and using positive self talk to get you through challenging events inside and outside of the gym. Great weekend!!!

SO – my thing was strict pull ups. I had them before I got pregnant as I was working toward my muscle up. I could do 5 strict pull ups and 10 ring dips. Well I have gained almost 10lbs of baby weight now and lost my dips and I THOUGHT my pull ups. I’ve been using this skinny red band to help me continue to work them. This weekend I did 3 strict pull ups unassisted… awesome!

We also did “Helen” with a partner:
3 Rounds for time of
400m Run
21 Kettlebell Swings (35lbs)
12 Pull ups

our time was 11:06. I did all the pull ups unbroken which was my goal (my partner didn’t have pull ups), and we split the kettlebells and runs. Lots of fun!

CrossFit Soul plans to do A LOT more with women in the community in the months to come! I will keep you all updated as we plan new events focused on empowerment, goals, and skills.