Rx Girls Miami – 11.26.11

26 Nov

“You’ve Gained Weight”

I’m gonna go on a little rant here – sometimes when I’m feeling a certain way and I know it’s messed up I think it’s important to share it. It’s funny, but those words “you’ve gained weight” can have such a dramatic effect on people. Last month (maybe two months ago) I decided I wanted to put on some muscle. I started tracking my calories and realized that I have not been eating NEARLY as much as I should be, given how active I am. Sometimes eating clean can be really hard to get calories in… Using a calorie tracker (which I hate by the way) I put EVERYTHING in, from the honey in my tea to the coconut milk ice cream late at night. For about 5 weeks straight I was consistently eating 2600 calories or so (up from about 1800). I felt good, stronger, and had more energy.I PR’d my deadlift by 25lbs, my bench by 10lbs, and I easily did a hang clean with what WAS my last power clean 1RM.

So my goal was to put on 10 pounds… of muscle. That would be hard, I had to train regularly and make sure I didn’t get lazy on the days I was tired from being at the gym all day. As of today I have put on 7 pounds… haven’t done my body fat yet to see how much of that is muscle but I’m pretty sure a lot of it is. I am happy about this!! So why is it that when someone tells me “hey, you’ve gained weight dude!” it leaves a bitter feeling in my mind?

Body image issues. They are a major problem today… Not just with women either, men suffer from trying to get leaner, more muscular, and stronger all the time. The media puts these ideas in our heads about being skinny and lean (or big and muscular), but most of it comes with a super unrealistic quick fix weight loss or muscle gain solution… like steroids… or HcG Diets.

When I was younger (high school and college) being “skinny” was always important to me. While I now know that comes mainly from the media, it bugs me that it has stuck with me over the years, despite what I KNOW is the truth and regardless of the industry that I work in! Knowledge really is power though, and I’m lucky today that even when I have those negative thoughts when someone tells me I’ve gained weight, I can change that negative thinking to realize that weight does not mean fat! “You look big” in here is supposed to be a compliment not an insult. and it is.. a compliment.

You might struggle with the same thing – but you wanna get over all that negative thinking? Start tracking your records in the gym (and being proud of them), measure your inches, and notice how your clothes fits differently. That’s real right there… The number on the scale is not. It’s deceiving. People’s comments (and compliments) and your head can be deceiving.

Pay attention to what’s real.



3 Responses to “Rx Girls Miami – 11.26.11”

  1. amy January 24, 2012 at 8:50 pm #

    thank you! this was exactly the struggle I was having today. I was in pageants previously so the thoughts of “you can never be too skinny…” always plague me. Even though I just started crossfit, I have read enough about it to know that the scale will not be my friend. thank you for being honest about your struggle. It’s one we all share.

    • ashley January 29, 2012 at 7:03 am #

      I am so glad I found this post. Just this past month 2 people have commented on my quads/thighs…depending on how it’s heard. I heard thighs. Both said, “Wow, you’ve got big legs.” They went on to say that they can tell I work out and so on, but honestly I only heard the “big thighs” part. I know my pr’s and am pleased with my progress in the gym. I know they meant it only as a compliment, but like you mentioned above, the first thought is, “I’m too big.” Ugh! I got myself back on track pretty quickly, but it’s so true that our knee-jerk response is small=pretty.

  2. Kayla Kimbrell February 26, 2012 at 5:35 pm #

    I struggle with this too. I’m not a big girl, actually I’ve always been pretty “skinny”. I started doing triathlons 2 years ago, and then started doing crossfit. I love crossfit and my tri training but I’ve put on a considerable amount of muscle (and fat)…more so than I’ve ever had. I use to do ballet, so I think I still have that slender bodytype in my mind of what I should look like. I think I do need to increase my calories, I’m still not building muscle like I want to yet. I guess I’m still afraid of getting “fat” …..

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