Rx Girls Miami – 10.10.11

10 Oct

Most of us know that sugar is not good for us. Typically, in the health and fitness community most trainers and coaches will advise their athletes stay away from refined sugars as much as possible. We do the same at Soul, and to go a little further I wanna share some facts about WHY it’s such a big deal.

So how bad is sugar REALLY? Well, while traveling this month I came across a natural food stand at the York Fair, which had all kinds of info on health and wellness. There was a little fact sheet about sugar that I realized either most people don’t care to know, or like to ignore… pretty messed up. Here are the basics that stood out to me:

The damaging effects of sugar can start early:

From the day a baby is given store bought formula and even fed breast milk. If you consume sugar and breast feed, so does your baby! Eat healthy while pregnant and you have a baby that is pre-programmed to enjoy the same foods.

Sugar is an Unnatural Chemical:

Through refinement, sugar is stripped of all the nutrition that that it originally had in the plant itself. The chemical it becomes (C12H220) is foreign to the human body. Try to stay as natural with your food intake as possible.

This Chemical is Addictive:

Sugar’s addictive nature has been compared to that of heroin. The sweet taste can become habit forming, and the signals it sends to your brain cause a release of serotonin, making you feel relaxed and happy… just like a drug does. Get your body too used to feeling good with food and you have yourself a food/sugar addict. Pretty scary!

Other Damage:

You won’t see instant consequences of eating too much sugar; that can take years. The damage can eventually ruin your pancreas, adrenal glands, throw your endocrine system out of whack, cause tooth decay, bleeding gums, diabetes, hyper and hypoglycemia, is a major contributing cause to heart disease, mental illness, depression, hypertension, and even cancer.

Need More? Sugar also contributes to the following:

Increases Overgrowth of Candida yeast organism

Increases Chronic Fatigue

Can trigger binge eating in those with Bulimia

Increase PMS symptoms

Increase Hyperactivity in about 50% of children

Increase Anxiety and Irritability

Can increase panic attacks

Can make it hard to lose weight because of the constantly high insulin levels, causing your body to store the excess carbs as fat.

SO… what does this all mean? Make sure you read your labels when buying food! Sugar is found in almost EVERYTHING, even organic and health foods. Even worse, the food industry knows that we are catching on to this, so they try to hide sugar by calling it other things, like fructose, cane juice, sucrose, sucralose, or dextrose, to name a few. Remember that all the fruit you eat has natural sugars (fructose) in it, so while snacking on fruit is obviously MUCH better than a cake or muffin or whatever, your body still sees it as sugar. Be careful and don’t overdo it.


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