About Rx Girls

“Success is in living well, making changes in yourself, believing in yourself, and persevering where you thought you couldn’t.” -Anonymous

Welcome Ladies! Since starting CrossFit, I have noticed a common theme going on at our gym; that is, the girls are constantly encouraging and motivating each other. Whether its tips on how to get our pull-ups, help with technique, or even just pushing each other to get through a workout,  the girls have really got each other’s back.

For lots of us just starting out, doing intense workouts with the guys can be a little intimidating. Not only that, but us women have very different needs than men when it comes to our fitness… needs that some of the men might not care (or want to) hear about!  Because of this, I have decided to create a women’s only blog. 

The content here will be strictly geared toward us girls. I encourage you to share your thoughts and comments as we continue to build our little community of strong, beautiful women here in Miami. If you are looking to make a change in your fitness routine, feel free to join us at CrossFit Soul. The women here are truly inspiring and share the common goal of having a happy,  healthy lifestyle. CrossFit is not just a gym, it is a community of amazing people that help you to realize how much you are really capable of…